Unparalleled Full-Service Interior Design In Denver

Few other designers in the Denver area can provide the same level of white-glove service as Spark Interiors. From the first design session to the final walk through, our design team will handle each and every detail of your entire design project. When you come to us for full-service interior design in Denver, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be taken care of for you. We will excel at every step in the design process by handling every little aspect, no matter how minute the details may be. When we say “full-service,” we mean it.

Without exception, our design team will handle the entirety of your interior design process. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, you won’t have to lift a finger throughout our concierge design experience. With the expert support of our incredible interior design team, we’ll completely transform your old space into an invigorating area that matches your intended vision exactly.

How exactly do you benefit from full-service interior design in Denver? In more than just a few ways. We will:

  • Remodel or furnish your space into a pristine area that is completely customized to your needs.
  • Tailor your space to accurately match your aesthetic.
  • Upgrade your decor with our unprecedented access to a vast array of exquisite materials and furnishings that only designers have access to.
  • Help you achieve complete peace of mind about your remodeling project.
  • Free up your time so that you can focus on other pressing matters.
  • Ensure that you avoid making expensive mistakes by showing you the entire design before you move forward.

What You Can Expect From Our Full-Service Interior Design

At Spark Interiors, customer service is one of our top priority. Throughout the entirety of our unique design process, we strive to ensure that your needs are listened to and accommodated. Whether you’re interested in a floor-to-ceiling redesign of your master bedroom or you just want to make a few design tweaks to your living spaces, we will go above and beyond the traditional interior design process to meet your needs.

Megan and her team have perfected a collaborative design process to ensure that your finished project is everything you dreamed of and more. We will work through the following steps to turn your vision into reality:

  • Project Kick-off - During an in-person meeting, we will take measurements and reference photos. We’ll also discuss what changes you’d like to see in your space. At this stage, we will also determine how involved you’d like to be throughout the process.
  • Concept - Megan will begin gathering imagery, colors, textures, and material ideas to present to you for feedback. This phase helps us ensure that we are on the same page with you in terms of your project’s mood and vision.
  • Contractor Bidding - We handle interviews and collect bids from contractors for your interior design project.
  • Design - We will design your space, taking into account proper space planning and functionality. She’ll select the specific materials, finishes, textiles, and furnishings to be used. You will decide on the samples that you like best and we’ll move forward.
  • Revisions - Megan will make any revisions you’ve requested and begin bringing your vision to life.
  • Purchasing – When we purchase for you, you can rest assured that each and every piece of your project will be ordered to exact specification. All finishes, materials, fabrics, and quantities have been verified and your project materials will arrive on site before your contractor needs them. If we are designing new furniture for your space, we will manage and track all leads times for each piece, ensure our skilled receivers inspect your furniture for damages, hold them in their climate controlled warehouse, and schedule an install day where you will come home to a grand reveal of your new space.
  • Construction Observation - We will make regular site visits to observe the work of the contractors hired to carry out your project. It is our duty to report back any findings to you so that you can make the right decisions regarding the implementation of your project. We strategically plan our visits to ensure that questions can be answered by all of the trades prior to installation. We are also available to your contractor via telephone to answer any questions that may arise outside of these site visits.
  • Final Walk Through - With the construction wrapped up and the finishing touches completed, Megan will walk through the project with you and the contractor to ensure that every little thing has been completed.
  • Photos - Once it’s all finished, we’ll bring in our professional photographer to celebrate your beautiful new interior design by photographing the space!

Why Use Spark Interiors For Your Interior Design Project

At Spark Interiors, we put your needs first. We understand that you live a busy lifestyle as you balance work, family, and a social life in Denver. That’s why we aim to make your residential interior design experience as smooth, effortless, and pleasing as possible.

With our approach to full-service interior design in Denver, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you. We’ll handle all the construction observation, contractor bidding, purchasing steps and more so that you don’t have to!

We also have extensive connections with the best vendors and across the nation. By leveraging those connections, we can upgrade your home with the finest pieces of furniture and the most high-quality materials. Once the project has concluded, you’ll feel like royalty right in your own home.

Our principal designer, Megan Thompson, received her BFA in Interior Design in 2007, with an emphasis on Green Design. This emphasis helps us design spaces with the environment in mind. We’ll work diligently to find the most environmentally friendly materials for your redesign project. Leveraging the benefits of sustainable design choices can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also increase the value of your home.

Improve Your Home With The Best Full-Service Interior Design In Denver

At Spark Interiors, we want to make the interior design process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. From the first conversation to the final walk through, our design team will provide a white-glove level of service that is unmatched within the Denver area. You can rest assured knowing that your finished interior design will bring your dream home to life.

Are you ready to upgrade your home? Then contact Spark Interiors today to receive the best full-service interior design in Denver.

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