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Spark Interiors is one of the leading commercial interior design firms in Denver. Our creative design team can support your business success through all aspects of the design process, including construction. If your retail store lacks customers or your board room feels out of date Spark Interiors can help. Our commercial interior design process allows you the freedom to continue to run your business while we bring your space to life. In just a few short meetings, our team will bring together the right design elements to craft a space that your employees and clients will love.

Not in the Denver Metro Area? That’s okay! Spark Interiors also serves the mountain communities in Vail, Breckenridge, and Eagle County, Colorado.

Why Invest in Commercial Interior Design For Your Denver Office?

Whether your company gets by with 10 employees or 10,000, a business of any size can benefit greatly from internal branding that expresses to your staff and clients who you are as a company. As one of the top commercial interior design firms in Denver, we understand that the design process may seem overwhelming and including brand messaging into your interior environment is not always top of mind.

Business is all about first impressions and that includes your workplace environment. When you bring prospective clients into your office space, you want them to be thoroughly impressed by your hospitality, your technology, your decor, and your furnishings. The atmosphere of your work environment should present professionalism and attention to detail at every turn. When you hire Spark Interiors to professionally design, brand, and decorate your business space, you create a more memorable experience for your customers. The memorability of your space will translate into future business referrals from previous customers through word-of-mouth. More referrals will, of course, lead to a better ROI for your business.

Office Interior Design Denver

At Spark Interiors, we will turn your office into a beautiful and functional space that maximizes the productivity of your staff. We will work collaboratively with you to fully understand your creative vision and then bring it to life within your office. When executing an office interior design project, we work with your property managers to ensure all design elements are approved prior to construction. Our portfolio of work demonstrates our attention to detail and ability to design and execute a unique space for each office client we serve.

In today’s corporate landscape we have a generational shift. Millennials are slowly replacing the seats of the baby boomers, and we cannot forget about dear generation X. The melting pot of these three generations in the workplace brings differing work styles that have led many companies to recognize the importance of and invest in their company culture. Today, the expectations of the younger generations in the workforce can be boiled down to a few key elements: a balance between work and life, a working environment that is conducive to their preferences, and other initiatives that prevent burnout.

As a leading provider of Denver commercial interior design services, Spark Interiors will create a space plan and develop a design strategy that supports your company culture and the work styles of your diverse staff. Variable, flexible work zones and aesthetically pleasing branding can be supported by spaces designed specifically for rest and refuge. All of this will positively reinforce your company culture and make your employees feel more appreciated and secure in their roles. With a better retention rate and a stronger ROI, your business will be on the fast-track to continued success.

Retail Interior Design Denver

The success of a retail store can be heavily influenced by the interior environment and customer experience. Essentially, your environment can make or break your store. If your store has a poor layout or bad lighting, retail shoppers may feel hesitant to step foot inside, much less purchase anything. Spark Interiors can help transform your retail store into a destination environment that drives shoppers through your doors and encourages purchases. Our Denver commercial interior design service can drastically improve your retail environment to drive more sales and create loyal customers.

Restaurant & Bar Interior Design

Denver has no shortage of excellent dining choices and evening entertainment options. Locals and tourists alike look for a unique experience when deciding where to dine out. The atmospheric qualities of your restaurant or bar greatly influence the experience of your customers. You can cultivate the best atmosphere for your establishment with Spark Interiors.

Whether you need to upgrade the furnishings or you want to completely redesign the dining area, our commercial interior design firm will help your establishment stand out. Through our in-depth and communicative design process, we can help you create the ideal restaurant atmosphere to fit your needs.

Commercial Interior Design in Denver: Working with Megan at Spark Interiors

At Spark Interiors, we provide business owners with high-quality commercial interior design work that aligns with their company standards. Our design team provides concierge-level service with every project that we complete. We work diligently to ensure that the end product is an exquisite fit for your business.

Megan Thompson, owner of Spark Interiors, holds a B.F.A in Interior Design, with an emphasis in Green Design. This distinction helps Spark Interiors execute more commercial interior design projects that integrate sustainable initiatives at every turn. With greener office interior design, you’ll have yet another benefit to brag about.

Schedule a Design Session with Megan today and learn why we’re the best commercial interior design firm in Denver to bring your project to life.

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