Monday, 23 November 2015 15:39

Tricky Texture

Take a look around wherever it is you are right now.

How many different textures can you count?

The flooring, the walls, the upholstery (or lack thereof) are probably among your first considerations. But don’t neglect to take a look at that ceiling that never gets enough love…the shades on your light fixtures, the accessories and artwork in the room. All of these things add physical texture to your space.

So why are we counting textures? Well, many spaces can face issues when there is not enough texture in play. Have you ever been to a restaurant or retail shop and it was just too noisy? Or maybe you feel just a little bit cold at home in one room of your house? How about glare, is there ever a time of day where surface glare is unbearable at work?


Acoustical problems are probably one of the biggest issues in the commercial world. By selecting finishes that are appropriate for the use we can avoid having to go back and add acoustic paneling as a design afterthought. Perhaps instead when we work with our designer, proper textiles, and accessories can be planned from the get go. Although sometimes it is fun to play with the different materials out there and use the acoustic solutions as part of the design.

Now, just because you are at home doesn’t mean acoustics aren’t important. Sometimes we want to block the noise between rooms or from the first to the second floor of our homes. You can still achieve this with added textures like area rugs, canvas artworks, and upholstered furniture.

When it comes to temperature, there is one thing we can all agree on: it never seems to be quite right. The best way to add a little texture and help keep consistency in indoor temperature is to add drapery and window coverings. Not only does this dress the place up a bit, but it can even help you save on your heating bills. Of course area rugs on hard surfaces are another way to help block the transfer of heat from one floor to another.

Glare is a tricky problem to tackle, but with a little work and planning you can get it right. If your home or office gets a lot of East/West exposure you probably have a certain time of day where light is just as bad as noise. Perhaps you should look upon which surface the problem lies. If it is the walls, choose a soft-texture wall paper or hang artwork that doesn’t have glass over it. If you have issues with the floors, its time for a hall runner, an area rug, or perhaps a flooring choice that doesn’t have a high gloss finish to it like a weathered birch or recycled content carpet.

If you have a lot of reflection coming off of your work surfaces such as the kitchen counter or dining room table – accessorize! Have fun, decorate, find a table runner, or a place setting you like and always keep the table set, even when its not in use. This adds to the glamour of your home and will cut down on the shine.

Physical texture helps add to your volume of space, thus eliminating unnecessary noise and glare. Your customers will sit longer in your restaurant, your clients will recommend your business, and you will enjoy your home much more when the balance is just right!


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