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Monday, 02 September 2019 16:45

How To Work With An Interior Designer

Once we both decided that we are a good fit for the project, we can move forward. Our best clients are those that trust us to do what we do best, so we strive to facilitation a working relationship that makes your design experience positive from start to finish.

Monday, 26 August 2019 16:21

Benefits Of Working With An Interior Designer

Interior design is far more than just decorating a room. An interior designer’s primary focus is giving a space the best functionality it can have. Designers plan furniture, colors, lighting, and finishes to transform your space into the one you envisioned.

Consulting with an interior designer is a key step in creating the space of your dreams. Each designer approaches this phase of a project differently. At Spark Interiors, we take a unique approach that allows us to provide value to the client even if they ultimately decide to go another direction with the project. Because our interior design consultations involve design expertise and work the client can keep and use at will, we prefer to use the term “design session” to describe the introductory phase of working with Spark Interiors. Let’s talk about how our design sessions differ from other interior design consultations.

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