Friday, 26 October 2018 14:12

The Strategy Behind The Parker Bathroom Remodel

We recently wrapped up a bathroom remodel in Parker, Colorado. A bathroom remodel can be a challenging project because of the utilities and expertise required in a major renovation. There are eight essential steps in a bathroom remodel that help it go off without a hitch. Let’s walk you through our most recent client’s successful renovation.

Step 1: Budgeting and Timeline

As with any major project, it was important to start this bathroom remodel in Parker with a detailed analysis of the budget our clients were working with and the timeline for the project. These two elements go hand in hand, especially if you’re considering custom items that may take more time to create. A shorter time frame is likely to increase the budget because it may require rush orders and longer working days. You want to establish the timeline that suits your project and talk with your designer and contractor to get a solid understanding of how that may affect your budget.

Step 2: Goals and Vision

After establishing the budget, the next thing we did for our bathroom remodel in Parker was get to know our client and what they wanted out of their new bathroom. One key element our client wanted was more natural light. To achieve this, we took out the bathtub, replacing it with an elegant shower that allowed us to cut a new window and flood the space with natural light. We complemented the influx of light with bright, wood-paneling, white subway tiles, and soft, baby blue paint.

With bathroom remodeling, you’ll want to work closely with your contractor and your designer to understand how to best adapt the space. You designer can help you see how taking out a bathtub might make the most sense for the functionality of the space, then your contractor can help you navigate any manipulation of the plumbing and utilities to make that happen.

Step 3: Demolition

Our clients hired us for a bathroom remodel in Parker, so after we drew up the designs to suit our clients vision, we began the actual remodeling of the space. Bathroom remodels can be a messy ordeal, we pulled up the flooring, pulled out the tub, detached the vanity, tearing the bathroom down to its bones so we could bring our clients’ vision to life.

Step 4: Structural Carpentry

For our Parker bathroom remodel, we wanted to add a window to the space. We worked with the contractor to find the right spot to cut for the room without compromising the structural integrity of the home. Remodeling is a collaborative effort between a number of different people and when the team works together, you get a beautiful end result.

Step 5: Utilities and Plumbing

A bathroom, unlike a bedroom, has a lot of factors to consider when you are remodeling. From the sink to the toilet to the shower or tub, the plumbing and electricity will play an integral part in how you restructure your space.

Your contractor and their team can help you and your designer navigate these details so that you can achieve the look you want.

Step 6: Tile

When the walls were completed, we laid the tile in the shower. The white subway tiles on the walls create a sharp, clean, and elegant look. We contrasted the soft colors with a wood-look luxury vinyl tile.

After all of the heavy lifting was complete, it was safe to finalize the flooring in the space without risking major damage to the materials during construction.

Step 7: Fixtures & Furniture

The next step in our Parker bathroom remodel was to bring in the furniture that would bring the look together. We brought in a freestanding vanity with quartz-marble countertops. The fixtures were a brushed bronze that helped complete the look we were going for.

Step 8: Walls

In the concepting phase, we selected a color palette for our bathroom remodel. However, we waited until all of the moving pieces were completed to paint the walls so they weren’t damaged. We selected a soft, baby blue color that would enhance the natural light that the new window would bring in.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

We hung a large mirror to help open up the space that was elegantly framed in wood. Finally, we tie everything together with towels, photos, and accents that made the remodeled bathroom both beautiful and functional.

You can see more images from our Parker bathroom remodel here. If you’re looking to remodel a space in your home, contact Spark Interiors today.