Tuesday, 29 September 2020 08:27

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer In Denver

Home improvement projects present exciting ways to enhance the aesthetics of your property. And while some projects can be completed with your own two hands, there are many others that will require professional assistance from a third-party expert. If you’re considering a room remodel or more serious property renovations, then you may want to hire an interior designer in Denver. These design professionals offer numerous advantages to any home improvement project that no homeowner can ignore.

But what exactly are those advantages? And what kinds of downsides can you expect from this renovation arrangement? Today we’ll break down the most significant pros and cons that you gain when an interior designer joins your renovation team.

The Pros Offered By An Interior Design Professional

Aside from an expertly designed living space, what else does a professional interior designer have to offer you? Let’s dive into the most significant advantages design pros can provide for your renovations.

Access To Exclusive Resources

It’s easy to get excited about home improvement projects, but following through on them is a lot more difficult. Sometimes you might have a hard time finding the right contractors, and at other times you may not know which materials are the right ones to buy. All of those problems are easily addressed when you hire an interior designer.

Reputable interior design firms in Denver will have an expansive network of connections at local and nationwide levels. They’ll be able to leverage those networks for your benefit during your renovation project, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right contractors for your project. And those aren’t the only kinds of resources you gain.

Interior designers also have exclusive connections with top-tier vendors and manufacturers. With those connections, your designer will be able to find the right materials for your project and pinpoint the perfect furnishings for your new living space. At Spark Interiors, for instance, our clients gain unprecedented access to a wide array of high-quality vendors within the Denver Design District and beyond. Those kinds of resources can be invaluable during your home renovations.

Balance Space With Functionality

Every room remodeling project comes with a difficult challenge: How can you effectively plan out the space to strike the appropriate equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality? You don’t want to sacrifice the purpose of room for more open space and you don’t want that space to have poor accessibility either. Finding the right balance between the space of your room and it’s functionality is not always easy. But an interior designer can strike that balance in no time.

A professional interior designer will help you make the most out of your living space by strategically planning out key elements of your new design. To achieve that balance between space and functionality, your designer will:

  • Define clear zones within the living area
  • Think through the flow of the room to allow for easy access and natural room circulation
  • Find ways to maximize natural lighting and the best locations for artificial lighting
  • Strategically determine the best placement for outlets and switches
  • Leverage space planning software to ensure no details are overlooked

With the right designer on your side, your redesigned space will simultaneously feel spacious and efficient, while it seamlessly blends into your home’s aesthetics.

Improve Your Home Resale Value

Whether you’ve lived in your current home for 5 months or 5 years, sooner or later you’ll sell the property for a new home. When that day arrives, you’ll want to maximize the profits from your home sale however you can. Of course, your home will slowly appreciate in value over time, which will benefit your overall ROI. But, how can you further increase your profit margins? Through a home improvement project with an experienced interior designer!

Numerous home improvements will contribute to impressive increases in your home’s resale value. According to FortuneBuilders, you’ll gain the most significant returns on investment (ROI) from popular home improvements like:

  • A minor or major bathroom remodel - Average ROI of 102% or 93.2% respectively
  • A minor or major kitchen remodel - Average ROI of 98.5% or 91% respectively
  • An attic bedroom conversion - Average ROI of 93.5%
  • A basement remodel - Average ROI of 90.1%

Clearly, there’s plenty of value to be gained from an interior design project. And with the right real estate agent, you can leverage those room redesigns for an even greater profit margin. What could be better than that?

Create A More Eco-Friendly Space

As sustainability becomes an increasingly relevant issue in our modern society, we all have an important responsibility to find ways to become more environmentally friendly on a daily basis. When you work with the right interior designer in Denver, you’ll be able to redesign your living spaces with more sustainable materials!

At Spark Interiors, we are practitioners of sustainable interior design. That means when we’re selecting materials for a room remodeling project, we’re thinking about the environmental impacts of those materials. Our designer always strives to carefully consider:

  • The manufacturing process for each building material
  • The total embodied energy of a given product
  • And the overall lifespan of the materials

By keeping these factors in mind, our designer can help you create a living space that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

The Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer

You stand to gain plenty of benefits from hiring an interior design firm for your renovations. However, we should note that your hiring decision can come with one or two downsides.

Cost is often the principal concern of any homeowner who’s considering hiring an interior designer, and with good reason. The expenses for your renovations can gradually build and climb higher throughout the project, but those renovations are well worth the financial investment. You’ll gain a more pleasing living area that appropriately balances functionality with space. And you’ll gain back your financial investment when you sell your home at a later date.

You may also run into some difficulties if you have conflicting aesthetic preferences with your designer. However, this problem can be quickly fixed when you work with a communicative designer who is adaptable to your needs. As long as you do your research on various Denver interior designers, you’ll find the right designer who will happily accommodate your design preferences.

Leverage The Advantages Of A Top Interior Designer In Denver

At Spark Interiors, we’ll make your home improvement truly exceptional. Through our communicative design process, our interior designer will take the time to ensure every piece of your renovations meets or exceeds your expectations. We’re committed to delivering top-tier customer service throughout the entire project and we’ll leverage our network of connections to bring your dream room redesign into reality.

Contact Spark Interiors today to start leveraging the benefits offered by our leading interior designer in Denver.