Saturday, 15 November 2014 14:08

Donating Building Materials (DO IT!)

As a designer there is nothing I love more than planning the kitchen or bath of your dreams, but the reality is that I also believe deeply in sustainability and DEMO = WASTE. However, there are some things we can do together to create a more environmentally friendly remodel, and it could help your local community!

Step 1: Plan to hire a contractor that has made a commitment to keeping some things intact during demolition. (Cabinetry, WC’s, ceiling fans, molding, windows, etc.) Yes it looks fun to go at it with a sledge hammer like they do on Television, but every time I see this my heart just sinks…oh yeah sinks, we can donate those too!

Step 2: Work with a local organization that will accept donated building materials. Habitat for humanity is a great example for the Denver Area, and I believe they have other stores around the nation. (If need be we can even advertise some of those things on Craigslist and see if we can’t turn around a few extra bucks for your remodeling costs.)

Step 3: Have your designer (Me) specify new products that are GREEN! This can range from recycled content materials, sustainably harvested woods, non-toxic finishes etc. to a great vintage furniture find or even (drumroll…) something we find at the same exact location we donated to in the first place! What a great idea!

The biggest thing folks, is that we create a lot of waste. And if we are going to stamp our “green seal” on any of it, we need to make sure that all things are being considered. It does no good to rip out toxic carpet and replace it with all natural if you are just going to let the old product sit in a landfill (because that is what it does, it sits…never ever ever decomposing).

You are a smart homeowner and I know you want to be able to show off your new space AND brag to the PTA about how environmentally conscientious you were throughout the entire process!

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