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Do You Need To Hire An Interior Designer Before You Can Sell Your Home?

In Denver, it is a seller’s market. There’s no question that those selling their homes in the area are at an advantage. Even so, a home that is not designed to sell may not bring in the total value of the property. There are a number of people involved in the process of selling a home that work to achieve the highest possible value for the seller. Hiring an interior designer to bring all of these thoughts, ideas, and strategies together for a home that is designed specifically to sell at a peak price point can be key to a seamless selling experience. Identifying whether or not you need to hire an interior designer before you list a home can be challenging for some sellers and their real estate agent partners. Let’s discuss the value of an interior designer can offer during the process of selling a home.

An Interior Designer Looks At Different Attributes Of A Home

One key reason to consider hiring an interior designer in Denver before listing a home is the simple fact that they are not a realtor. Designers have a highly trained eye that considers very different pros and cons of a property than what a real estate agent is looking at. This draws attention to things that potential buyers may notice that the homeowner and realtor may have overlooked.

In the Denver area, we see many homes built a number of decades ago on the market. These older homes come with their quirks, some of which may be deal breakers for prospective buyers. An interior designer simply helps the homeowner and the realtor see the property from every perspective. By identifying areas of opportunity and developing strategies to fix or alter the home, an interior designer can help to increase the perceived value of the home. The end goal for designer, realtor, and seller is always to design the home in a way that will demand top dollar at or above asking price.

Hiring An Interior Designer Accentuates The Best Features Of Your Home

In the age of HGTV shows that glamourize every aspect of the interior design and sales process, home buyers have high expectations. If you want to sell for the maximum return, you need to exceed those expectations before you go to market.

A home that sells faster and at a higher price point is exactly what both the seller and the realtor wants. A recent study in the Dallas market showed that hiring an interior designer to redesign a property prior to listing led to sales closing an average of 80% faster with listing prices that increased by more than 20%. Investing in an interior designer to help align the look and feel of property with the highest possible listing price ensures you get the full value of the property, making each sale more profitable than the last.

An Interior Designer Adds Value To The Listing

What selling a home really comes down to is the final dollar amount. Selling a home is about the money, and you can’t fetch top dollar in a competitive market if your home is not up to the current standards in finishes and fixtures, or if there are some glaring issues with the layout that may prevent buyers from making an offer. Bringing in someone who has professional experience with space planning, residential interior design, and consumer trends is the key element that will get your home on and off the market in record time with maximum closing value.

Partner With Spark Interiors When Listing Homes In Denver

Real estate agents in Denver have never been as busy as they have been the last few years. In a booming market, selling a home is a pretty easy feat, but you’re likely leaving money on the table without the design expertise of an experienced residential interior designer. If you want to increase the return on the next property you list, give our Principal Designer a call to set up a meeting and learn how hiring an interior designer before listing a property can boost the value and decrease the time on market.