Monday, 20 April 2020 17:01

Interior Design in a Contact-Free World

Ready to realize your dreams

As things change and we slowly start to emerge from this time of uncertainty, we are as eager as you and your family are to get your projects back on track. My message to you today is that moving forward, our priority is still your safety. We are here to respect not only the state's guidance, but your feelings of security as well.

We have learned so much and are thankful for the new clients that have been willing to get creative with us as we embark on a new journey of design in their homes. Here is how we are doing things now, and how we will continue to run the design phase until further notice from the governor's office.

Virtual Kick-Off: We always start with a creative and fun meeting to view your inspiration boards, ​​magazine clippings, or photos of places you love to travel. I have to say that I was worried hosting my first virtual kick-off a few weeks ago, but I will say it was such a success that I may keep this as a virtual meeting even after all stay at home orders are lifted. Why? It was so much easier for me to have my clients' share their screen and show me their vision. We made it so much fun and put some visuals together, which in turn led me to one of the best concept boards I have created to date! Technology truly is a great thing!

Measuring: Measuring your space is something that can be rather complex when we are working on a full home remodeling project. Some of our clients are working on furniture plans and are able to measure their spaces on their own. But for those requiring measurements of the entire home, we have devised best practices for getting in and out of the space that won't put you at risk. We will pick a day with nice weather, I will come over with my mask/gloves, and work my way through data collection on site. I wipe every surface touched in the home as I exit, and once I am out I send a text. "Okay to go inside, thanks for having me!"

Concept Meeting: The great thing about this meeting is that I used to do about 60% of these meetings via web/video and now we are just rolling it over to 100%. Again, this can be a really great medium to present ideas on the screen, and has been rather fun over the past few presentations.

Contractor Bids: The construction industry has been heavy-hit and we are working with a few new contractors to provide the safest job walk for everyone. At this time we are sending all concept drawings and photographs prior to a physical job walk, and again, scheduling the contractors to enter the house without you inside. I will be there, mask/gloves on, to ensure that we keep your home clean as the contractors dig a little deeper. They may need to peek into the attic or take a look at a crawlspace, etc. So this is why we send them drawings and photographs prior to a physical visit.​​​​

​​Project Review: Here we can again present this virtually via a fun video conference!

Design Presentation / Design Revisions: This is the big meeting where we show you all the samples of the fabulous finishes and fixtures we have designed and priced for you along side the 3D renderings and other design drawings of your new space. This is a very tactile meeting. Here's how we will handle this meeting. Samples will be labeled by number, and organized by room then dropped off at your door via contact-free courier the morning of our virtual design​​ meeting! As I present on screen, you will be able to touch and feel all the great finishes. Any samples requiring return can be placed back out on the front step and our courier will take care of it for you! We will have samples that you can keep mailed to you upon request.

What about our schedule? I will say that this new process is a work in progress and we are finding that we need to add about a week to each phase, but all that means for you is that we are filling the time that it will take for the state to open up and lift restrictions on construction. A good design process takes between 6-12 weeks depending upon the size of the project, so we aren't losing any time.

​​We can hit the ground rolling when the time comes!


We know you are eager to get started, so get in touch with us and lets us know where you need a little help bringing your vision to life.
All the best,

Megan Thompson

Principal | Associate IIDA