Tuesday, 28 February 2017 10:59

Construction BOOM!

Many people have been commenting over the last few years about the growth we are experiencing here in Denver, and whether you like it or not it is not looking like it will be stopping any time soon.

I wish my drive to the mountains and my I-25 commute were a little better too, but this growth is affecting the Design & Construction industry in just as many ways.

Where have all the laborers gone?

Quality laborers are hard to find, and we are grateful for the relationships we have with many good contractors in town.  But with the rise in construction many of the good guys have gone to work for the big home builders, favoring a steady paycheck and work over the stress of running their own gig.

This has left fewer skilled laborers out on their own, and the people who are good are hard to get.  If you can find someone to do it next week-they probably aren’t any good.  All of these factors have made construction costs rise, and wait times increase.

Wait, What?

It seems to be that waiting for services is the new game in town.  When it comes to your remodel, you are most likely not going to be any exception to the rules.

To combat this we are educating our clients and informing them that factoring in contractor schedules is the number one thing to put on the list.  As of writing this blog, I have many great general contractors that are on a 3-4 month waiting list.  Subcontractors in Denver seem to be on a bit shorter wait, depending on the industry, but as soon as tax season is over we always see a big rush.

What can you do?

While it may seem discouraging to think that you won’t be able to start construction for a few months, this is the perfect time to get all of your design work and materials on order!  A good design process can take 3-4 weeks, depending on the job, and if you get on a contractors schedule at that same time this will help aid in feeling like you aren’t waiting so long.

Materials also take time to order, whether it is a few weeks for flooring / tile or 8+ weeks for furniture.  Allowing for lead times helps you save money, and time.

At Spark Interiors, we do a thorough project planning meeting near the beginning of your project so that we can accurately estimate lead times for all parts of your project.  This helps to manage expectations and alleviate the wait.

Never too early.

Most clients have been thinking about a remodel, or change to their space for 6 months to a year before pulling the trigger and meeting with a designer.  In this construction boom it is never too early to get started.  We don’t want your dreams of a summer remodel to turn into a holiday remodel (and it has happened), so let get started today!

-Megan Thompson, Principal, Spark Interiors