Friday, 17 April 2020 10:02

A Letter on Togetherness

Megan Thompson, Principal Spark Interiors Megan Thompson, Principal Spark Interiors

As we all encounter this new territory together I wanted to take a moment to write and let you know that we are still here, wishing you and your loved ones well in these trying times.  We hope that you are taking this time to get goodness out of life, and relish in a little time away from the grind.

It is with much gratitude that I can share our business will remain open, and we will be able to maintain all of our operations without interruption for projects that are already in progress.

For new projects reserved on the schedule, we are not anticipating delays, but will be monitoring the supply chain and make you aware if we need to re-select or change materials to meet your deadline.

For our projects in construction we are recommending that subcontractors do not overlap to minimize contact.  If you already have plans to vacate the home, or the area under construction, we advise you keep these plans to avoid contact with multiple sub contractors over time.  For installations we can stagger arrival times, and even lead install via face-time if need be.

Many of our clients have opted to reschedule in-person meetings, and we encourage this.  In fact, if it is possible to still conduct our meeting via the web, we are already set up to do so.  For those meetings that require site visits, we will reach out beforehand to discuss your comfort level with meeting in person.

What you might not know...

We have always operated from home offices from the very beginning. Fun fact: our entire team is remote!

  • Jessie works from her home office to help with administrative needs, scheduling, order placement, and she is the point person for new and existing clients and vendors.
  • Janelle also works from her home office to bring us our detail drawings, construction documents, and 3D renderings.
  • I work from my studio 3 days per week, which I share with another designer, and I am typically out in the field 2 days per week visiting showrooms and clients.  The change here is that I am no longer out in the field, and I am now working from home.  We have trade access to all vendors' catalogs online, and we can email or call for pricing, so this is my opportunity to shift.
  • Our team checks in regularly via web broadcast, so that we can communicate effectively and complete your project with success.

Also, we have been part of online designer forums, vendor relations, and the like for years.  The Denver Design District even has an online showroom that is exclusive to designers, so we can still price and shop those high-end lines for you.  We are also proud to support smaller showrooms and vendors who have shifted to a new model of pricing for us online as well.

Digital Design Studio

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Denver Restaurant Interior Design Consultation
Denver Interior Design Window Treatment Consultation

We are viewing this as an opportunity to get creative, and learn with you about how we can still offer a high level of service without compromising your safety and health.  In the coming week or so, you may see another email highlighting how we have already been working to create a client experience that is fluid and digital.

Just this year we launched our new Client Portal, an online studio where residential clients can log in to view progress updates, see our selections, request revisions, chat with the team, and place orders - all by logging in to our website!

What is next?

Nobody knows for certain, but we still have healthy contractors working in the field to bid and execute construction, clients who are excited to start their new kitchens, condo renovations, and whole-home projects.  And for that we are deeply grateful.

We anticipate that come summer time we will see the same busy remodeling season, and we do still have a couple of spots remaining on the schedule for a late summer/early fall remodel if you would like to book. Designing a new space can take from 6-12 weeks, and this is an opportunity for us to get all of the detail work out of the way so that you can roll into your project with everything in hand.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I am here to help and point you in the right direction.


Megan Thompson
Principal | Associate IIDA